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    Oracle R12 12.1.3 iProcurement - AME Approval Workflow for PR - Can an approver be bypassed explicitly without using delegate? Also, Can buyer add an approver for an approved PR?




      I need suggestions/ideas for iProcurment and AME for PR approvals. The requriement is as follows:


      1. An approver at a certain level should be able to explicitly bypass the next approver and forward the PR approval to a higher level. For example, a PR is in process of approval and following is the approval structure:


      PR Approver Level 1 --> PR Approver Level 2 --> PR Apprvoer Level 3 --> PR Approver Level 4 --> PR Approver Level 5


      Now if the PR is with Level 2 approver, he/she should be able to send the PR directly to Level 4 or Level 5.


      2. Once the PR is approved by the final approver and notification is sent to the buyer, the buyer should be able to add another approver and re-submit the PR for approval directly to that approver.


      Any idea, suggestion or help will be appreciated. Thank you.