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    FDMEE process issue


      Hi experts,


      I have been facing some issues in FDMEE recently.

      Be it any process being initiated, the status shows "Rule is running" in the 'process details of workflow tab.

      I have been facing this problem while initiating the source system and also while executing the data file(flat file) in data load rule. Even when I tried to kill the process using "Cancel schedule" button in workflow-->Data Load --> Data load rule, a pop up appears stating "An error occured".


      When I looked into the log file, the log file is incomplete. The log file is as below,

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,239 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process Start, Process ID: 183

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,239 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Logging Level: 4

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,240 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Log File: D:\fdmee1\outbox\logs\FDMEAPP_183.log

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,240 INFO  [AIF]: User:admin

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,241 INFO  [AIF]: Location:FDMEAPP_loc (Partitionkey:8)

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,241 INFO  [AIF]: Period Name:APR (Period Key:4/30/13 12:00 AM)

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,242 INFO  [AIF]: Category Name:Actual (Category key:3)

      2014-10-01 03:32:42,242 INFO  [AIF]: Rule Name:FDMEAPP_dl (Rule ID:15)


      This is all what is available in the log file.

      Further, ODI connection was successful too.


      Can anyone please help me overcome this issue, and also the reason behind this issue.


      Thanks in Advance.


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          Francisco Amores


          In addition, please can you set log level to 5 and attache the log after running the dlr again?

          Have you also checked ERPIntegrator0.log?

          Any error in ODI Operator?

          Cancel Schedule is only used to cancel existing scheduled DLRs


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            As you said, I changed the log level to 5 and checked the log file. But the log file reads the same as before.

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process Start, Process ID: 210

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Logging Level: 5

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Log File: D:\fdmee1\outbox\logs\FDMEAPP_210.log

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: User:admin

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: Location:FDMEAPP_loc (Partitionkey:8)

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: Period Name:APR (Period Key:4/30/13 12:00 AM)

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: Category Name:Actual (Category key:3)

            2014-10-09 10:13:47,958 INFO  [AIF]: Rule Name:FDMEAPP_dl (Rule ID:15)


            And also I checked the ERPIntegrator0.log & ODI operator log.

            All the initiated processes are still in running status.

            Let's keep this ODI & ERPI aside for now.

            Currently my focus is on loading data via flat file.

            But even when I initiate the process (executing the data file(flat file) in DLR), the process is not complete. The status shows still running.

            Can you please help me solve this issue. Please do share your suggestions.



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              It's not possible to keep ODI aside seeing as a lot of FDMEE functionality comes from ODI lurking underneath


              If something shows as running in ODI then what do you see running and which step of the session is still running?

              Does the session that you can see running in ODI match the session number in the ODI Session Number column of the Process Details page in FDMEE?

              Are there any entries in the ERPIntegrator0.log when the DLR is started (error related or not)?



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                Check the Context Code mapping in the ODI

                Verify the JDBC connection details with FDMEE & Source Schema

                As other Guru's mentioned in the previous replies, check the Erpi, ODI logs.



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                  Hi Gurus,


                  Thankyou for your suggestions..


                  In ODI the refresh variable and user procedure step type shows error status.

                  The session numbers in ODI and process details do match, when I viewed, the log reads as below


                  ODI-1217: Session COMM_SETUP_SOURCE_SYSTEM (174501) fails with return code 7000. ODI-1280: The Target Logical Schema AIF_TGT and Context GLOBAL of the task Update Process are not mapped to any Physical Schema. Caused By: com.sunopsis.core.SnpsInexistantSchemaException: ODI-17523: There is no connection for this logical schema / context pair: AIF_TGT / GLOBAL. 


                  The ERPIntegrator log reads as

                  ####<Oct 11, 2014 9:44:09 AM IST> <Info> <Common> <CSVHYP003> <ErpIntegrator0> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '1' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<anonymous>> <> <00iOvGiEwycFw0zp7w03Nz2qSzE1zrIwy0004Wc0004lm> <1413000849707> <BEA-000628> <Created "1" resources for pool "aif_datasource", out of which "1" are available and "0" are unavailable.>

                  [2014-10-11T09:44:11.097+05:30] [ErpIntegrator0] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.apps.erpi.model] [tid: 12] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 00iOvGiEwycFw0zp7w03Nz2qSzE1zrIwy0004Wc0004lm,0:1] [APP: AIF#] [URI: /aif/faces/mainPage] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.aif.gl.common.util.model.applicationModule.GLIntegrationBaseAMImpl] [SRC_METHOD: invoke_odi_process] Extract id:174501, status:null


                  Then with reference to the post regarding "Source system not getting initialized in FDMEE" in OTN, I checked the Generic SQL technology for logical schema, the AIF_TGT logical schema is configured to GLOBAL context. But there is no data server created for this logical schema.


                  And IF I have to create a data server, then what should be the JDBC driver name and JDBC URL format for this technology?

                  Please help me with this issue..

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                    Francisco Amores

                    If you open Global context and go to schema.


                    What do you see for AIF_TGT?

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                      The physical schema for AIF_TGT is [[Not Defined]] under context Global.

                      IF I have to create a data server and map it to this logical schema, please provide necessary details for the data server connections..