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    How can i control the reapproval and revision condition for a PO?


      I have a requirement on PO, changing the header level 's vendor_contact_id and liens's need by date will not trigger reapproval and revision

      i have modified the package PO_CHORD_WF6.standard_po_reapproval  and comment the line



      and after modifying the contact, it is still displayed as requires reapproval, but if i submit the docuemnt again, it is will autoapproved by the buyer and a new revision is created.


      how can i modify the package so that it will stay as approved when i mdoify the contact and  save the document? like when you modify note to supplier , the status remains as approved.   I know a revision means reapproval, where is that package so i can try to modify it as well.