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    FDM Mapping Question


      Hi all,


      I have a very quick question in regards to FDM maps.  When you export the map, there's a column for SEQUENCE.  What is the significance of this column?  Is this the order on how the system will read the map?




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          Yes, that is what the sequence column is for. However, by default it is not enabled in,between, like mapping rules are sorted by rule name. To enable the use of the sequence column check the option on the Location screen.

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            thanks for the response.   Let us say I'm working on an existing map.  On the map, it has a "like" condition that goes first per sequence then the next sequence is for the explicit lines.  Would the system read the Like condition lines first over the explicit ones following the order of the sequence?

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              Francisco Amores

              Sequence map is only applicable for wildcard mappings. So for the order in Like mappings.

              Explicit mappings will be always executed before like mappings.

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                Sequencing controls the execution order within a mapping type and as Francisco points out only for wildcard mappings, Explicit mappings will always execute on according to an ascending alpha numeric sort order. The execution order between mapping types is pre-determined in FDM and cannot be changed, it is:

                1) Explict

                2) Between

                3) In

                4)  Like


                It is also worth noting the differences in which mapping is processed within in each wildcard mapping type when more than one mapping rule is valid for the source value:

                1) In and Like mappings always process the first valid mapping encountered

                2) Between mappings process the last valid mapping in the mapping table




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