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      Hi All,


          Could any one tell me how to insert data in table like::


      INSERT INTO dim_period (col_name) values (another_query)



      Want another query like


      select extract(month from calendar_date) from dim_period

      here table is same, but i want dayName, day, month, week in month, week in year from date column

      so that i want insert query for above task.

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          In case I get you right, you should have alook at to_char(date_column,'Mon')


          And this seems to be the wrong forum for the question.

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            Not sure to understand what you need to do,


            If you want to insert new lines in your table the syntax will be something like


            INSERT INTO DIM_PERIOD ( col1, col2, ... )

            SELECT extract(month from calendar_date), extract(dayfrom calendar_date) , ... from DIM_PERIOD



            If you need to add new values in the same record this will be an update with


            SET COL1 = extract(month from calendar_date) ,

            COL2 = extract(dayfrom calendar_date) ...






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              Wrong forum!


              This forum, as the title says, is for Sql Developer questions only, not for Sql or PL/SQL questions.


              Mark your thread ANSWERED and repost it in the SQL and PL/SQL forum

              SQL & PL/SQL

              insert into dim_period (col_name) select new_col_name from other_table

              For the EXTRACT issue just use an EXTRACT function for each value that you want. See the examples in the SQL Language doc

              EXTRACT (datetime)