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    csv file to d3l, how to handle "optionally enclosed by"

      The data can be:
      "DETAIL","S","0521498686",1,"ADVANCED GRAMMER IN USE WITH ANSWERS","HEWINGS, MARTIN","","N","P","0",0.00,10.15,17.50,8.37,"Y","","","",””

      Comma is the delimiter, but authors can be "HEWINGS, MARTIN" and the comma after last name is not a delimiter!

      In a ctl-file (for sql loader) this works fine with this:
      fields terminated by ',' optionally enclosed by '"'
      This takes care of the commas; they are interpreted as part of the data, not delimiter.

      Anobody know what I write in my D3L?
      This is not enough:
      <field name="author"><termstring endchar=","/> </field>