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    Fdqm MULTI Load periods and years from HPL to HFM


      Hi Everybody,


      I'm pretty new in using FDQM and i'm in a little trouble. I hope someone of you can give me a good hint, as always!


      So, I'm using FDQM on EPM release and i need to load data from Planning to HFM. The problem is that the data getting out from Planning  are both budget and plan data.

      Budget data (1 year)  are monthly while PLan data (25 Year) are annual (the data are exported on December as a total year).


      I would like to know if there is a way to load all this set of data in a smart way rather than creating as many flat file as the plan year. Beside this i don't want to activate the fdqm load process (import, validate,...) for 25 times.


      I've just taken a look at "multi load" functionality but it seems to let me load 12 periods at one time. It doesn't seem to work if i want to cumulate the 25 years load in a restricted number of data load flows.


      I hope i'have been clear enough to explain you my problem. If you have any ideas on how to handle this problem, please let me know...



      Thank you in adavance for any hint you could give me....



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          Without writing a custom solution to load all 25 years to the database in one process you don't have much option but to use the out of the box multi-load functionality. If you don't want to manually activate the FDM wokflow process 25 times take a look at the Batch Mutiload functionality as this will at least enable you to automate the load of the 25 files in a single process.