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    Apex listener with Oauth2.0


      Hi everyone,


      I have two questions:


      1-Is Apex already installed with OAUTH2 or it need to be integrated with another modude/configuration?


      2-If already intregrated with OAUTH2, how I can enable it?


      I don't use the XDB listener, I use the Oracle REST Data Services (formerly known as Oracle APEX Listener). In the guide REST Data Services Developers Guide they talk about to "Create the 3rd party developer user" but on my Apex installation there is no group called "OAuth 2.0 Client Developer" so i don't know if i have the oauth2 method installed or even available.


      I need to setup the oauth2 validation because my client needs that, when they send via url the dbuser and the password (encrypted with MD5) the Apex listener returns a token (with expiration date) so they can stablish the conection and use a Restful web service that accepts get operations.


      Thanks for the help.