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      Just downloaded latest sqldeveloper with included JDK and running into this issue everytime i open.

      - hangs with "Waiting for Editor to initialize"


      Not sure it is bug or something is corrupted in preferences directory.

      I downloaded again and open in new directory, still getting same error.

      Does anybody have any workaround?




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          By the way, this is laptop and no virtual desktop. This happens as soon as i open sqldeveloper. after that does not matter where i click, that's screen with that "waiting" message, stays on.

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            Gary Graham-Oracle

            Hi Ken,

            If you think the user settings migration went wrong somehow, try renaming or deleting these folders (or use the -Dide.user.dir trick noted below), then relaunch without doing a user settings migration...

            %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system4.


            My standard advice on this sort of thing...

            1. See if the behavior still occurs after deleting the settings then restarting SQL Developer without migrating settings.

            2. See if (assuming (1) does not help) reinstalling SQL Developer helps.


            If blame cannot be placed on some settings migration / download / installation corruption, then we can begin to consider...

            3. Possible issues with older JDKs.

            4. Possible OutOfMemory issues that may be masked by not running SQL Developer from a command line console.

            5. Some new bug.


            So try (1) and (2) if you haven't already.  Ignore (3) since you have the bundled JDK.  Point (4) may be an issue if you are have lots of windows to restore, and haven't upped the Xmx values in the product.conf file -- especially if using a 64-bit JDK.  And for (5), if you have the inclination, see..



            And if you wish to try (1) in a clean "sandbox" unaffected by any existing user settings directories, you can always add a

                AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=<directory_system4.>

            line to your sqldeveloper.conf file.




            SQL Developer Team

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              Thanks for quick reply.

              It did help. I renamed all the sqldeveloper related directory in "local setting and documents" folder and launch again and selected not to migrate any previous setting. it is working now. It seems something was not compatible in migration of old version preferences.