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    Syntax for pie chart report


      What is the correct syntax for a "pie chart - multiple" report in Oracle SQL Developer? I'm trying to create a master-child report in which the master report is a bar chart and the child reports are pie charts (multiple). The master report looks fine, but I can't get the child reports to display as pie charts. The child reports display correctly in tabular format, but if I change the format to pie chart then I get the error message: "The data is of zero or negative value and cannot be displayed".

      Here is the current query for the child reports:


      SELECT  year, college_name, student_id, count(student_id) as count_ids

      FROM enrollment

      WHERE college_name = :COLLEGE_NAME

      GROUP BY year, college_name, student_id

      ORDER BY year, college_name, student_id;



      This is what the child report looks like in tabular format:



      This is roughly what I want the pie charts to look like: