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    PO Acknowledgement - possible to update XML supplier response automatic on PO?



      We're looking into start using the PO Acknowledgement. The PO Acknowledgement will be sent in an XML file and we're looking into how we can use the information which an electronic PO Acknowledgment from supplier can give.


      In this context I have some questions:

      1. Does someone know the functional difference between the two "Acceptance required" terms; Document/ Document or Shipment?

          Regardless of the choice made on the two mentioned terms in "Acceptance Required", I cannot find any differences in the "Acceptances" window. I cannot see that there are any differences in the  functionality. Anyone who can give an input on this?

      2. Secondly when receiving the PO Acknowledgement from supplier, is there anyone who could suggest how we can update the "Promised date" on the PO? So far I've only seen wf notifications which can be triggered if the PO Acknowl. has not been received within time. There are really no updates on the PO (other than in the "Acceptances window").




      Willy Sunde