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    Application files management with OLite10gR1

      We need to manage distribution of our application files (we use PPCs). Our application is packed into single CAB file, but we have to publish some other CABs for the clients according to the PPC type. For example we need to distribute some Symbol scanning libraries for Symbol devices, .Net CF runtime upgrade for some other devices and so on. So, for this particular case, we'd like to totally separate the application data (Publication + Publication Items) and the files, which should be transferred to the device.

      We have created one publication (called PUB_DATA) with publication items defined using JavaAPI, which doesn't have any files assigned. This works without problems for all the client devices and all the data are synchronized.
      Now we'd like to define the files, which should be synchronized to the devices. Let's say we've 2 groups of devices - the group A which needs to get file "fileA" synchronized and the group B which needs to get the B-file synchronized. Both groups need to get fileAB synchronized. Both groups are PPCs with XScale processors, PocketPC2003SE OS and regional settings set to Czech (CS). How to do this in some efficient and stable way?

      1. the problem of regional settings (czech) - I replaced all Japanese platforms from dm$all_platforms with Czech so as the devices are able to register:
      UPDATE mobileadmin.dm$all_platforms
      SET NAME = REPLACE(NAME, ';JA', ';CS'),
      TYPE = REPLACE(TYPE, '_JA_', '_CS_')

      2. I created new publication called PUB_FILES, which won't have any PubItems defined and won't sync any data - just the files. This is just because the OLite server needs to have publication defined for each application...

      3. I manually packed the files for each group A / B / AB into single jar file, added the web.xml which points to PUB_FILES publication and no platform defined

      4. I published these 3 applications using the webtogo interface and assigned the rights for groups (A / B / A+B)

      5. Now I launch mSync from device in the group A (Symbol MC50, PPC2003SE, Czech regional settings) - the data is synchronized without any problem, but even the update.exe application doesn't find any files to synchronize.

      6. I try to force the device to install the application (Device - send command - install application + name of my application) - the device downloads the file, but raises an error message "Access denied. Invalid platform WINCE_XScale_CS_OLITE_2003_4.21". I don't understand this at all - the device's platform type (dm$all_platforms.type) is WINCE_XScale_CS_OLITE_2003. What is the _4.21??

      Does anybody have proven approach for distribution of files to the client devices? The OLite documentation is so poor, I'm not able to find anything useful about this... We need to be able to set files which should be synchronized to each client and to update these files when new version is available. All this should be achieved with no conjunction to data synchronization - this stays same for all devices.
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          I read through the admin&deploy manual and found some info about INF installation files (had to look into the R2 manual, because of the bug in the R1's manual :/)... however I'm not able to get it working and even I don't understand the system of INF files completely...

          1. is it possible to use INF files just for single application (server->applications->MyAppXY) or is it possible to use it just for the whole platform?

          2. how can I determine, which platform would my client device be? For example - I have PPC2003-XScale device and extend the basic PPC2003-XScale platform into the new one, which should contain some more files (CABs) to synchronize to the mobile client. Now, what should I do to force the client to sync against the newly extended platform?

          So as to be concrete - I'd like to use INF files to manage updates of my application and updates of some system libraries (.Net CF runtime etc). I'd like to create new platform for my devices and include in it the basic system libraries and my application files. Then I hope I'd be able to manage software updates of my client devices throught the inf files (<patch> tag) according to this chapter of the manual: http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19188_01/doc/B15921/admmadev.htm#CHDICHII

          Does anybody here use the INF files for device software management?