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    Connections panel


      Connections view is empty, although I have previously defined several connections.

      I can't create new connections File -> New -> Database connection doesn't work. When I click OK in New Gallery Window nothing happens.

      Sql developer 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 show same behavior.



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          Something is borked.


          Try this first, Window > Reset Factory Settings


          If that doesn't work, find your sql developer preferences directory - where your connections are stored, and delete the connections.xml file.

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            I tried with Window > Reset Factory Settings, but it didn't work.

            Sql developer 4.0.3 is new instalation, so there is no connections.xml

            Something is seriously wrong, because I don't even see plus sign in connections panel.

            Sql developer doesn't throw any exception, so I don't know where to look for problem.



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              >>Connections view is empty, although I have previously defined several connections.

              Which way is it? Did you have connections or not?


              In either case, I"m going to recommend you rename the system4.0.3 directory - this will force all of your local settings for the 4.0.3 copy of SQL Dev to be rebuilt from scratch.

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                Problem is that connections panel is unusable.

                I renamed system4. folder, started Sql Developer and choose not to import from previous versions, so it was clean install. But it doesn't work.





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                  Can you open the log panel? Do you see any errors in the Logging Page?


                  You can also try running in debug mode and see what exceptions are being raised.

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                    Gary Graham-Oracle

                    In such difficult cases, the following (in some combination) have worked in the past...

                    1. Window > Reset Factory Settings

                    2. Deleting/renaming user settings and relaunching the product without user settings migration

                    3. Forcing user settings onto a local disk in environments defaulting to network share desktops

                    4. Downloading and reinstalling the product into an empty directory.  Avoid unzipping into C:\Program Files or an Oracle home.

                    5. Picking the download that bundles the JDK (in 64-bit environments for 4.x & up, or 32-bit environments 3.2 & below).

                    For (3), add this to your sqldeveloper.conf  file: AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=some_local_directory_to_own_system4.


                    Hope this helps,


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                      I downloaded sql developer installation which includes JDK, but it also doesn't work (before first run I deleted user settings directory system4.


                      There is following warning in logging page:

                      source: org.netbeans.modules.netbinox

                      message: Error creating delegate for C:\Oracle\sqldeveloper403\modules\oracle.ldap_12.1.2\ldapjclnt11.jar because of reference:file:external/oracle.external.ldap.jar



                      After I try to create New Database connection from „New Gallery“, there is following warning and error in log


                      source: oracle.dbtools.raptor.timesten.connection.TTBasicPanel, oracle.dbtools.thirdparty.jdbc.JDBCBasicPanel:

                      message: oracle.ide.natives.registry.RegistryKey.openKey(Native Method)


                      source: oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction

                      message: Error during handleEvent on action 'New Database Connection...' (id=442).

                      None of the attached controllers handled the action.




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                        Gary Graham-Oracle

                        Well, ldapjclnt11.jar does not exist in my 4.0.3 installation's oracle.ldap_12.1.2 folder.  Could it be that you are not unzipping into an empty directory?

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                          This file (ldapjclnt11.jar) also doesn't exist in my installation.

                          I have one more error in log:


                               Error in RequestProcessor oracle.ideimpl.usages.UsagesTrackerImpl$3



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                            I edited sqldeveloper.conf, so that SetJavaHome points to 32-bit JDK.

                            Now it works.


                            Thank you



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                              Gary Graham-Oracle

                              Glad you got it to work, but it is unclear why since

                              SetJavaHome in sqldeveloper.conf (under installation directory) only controls JDK location in releases prior to 4.x.

                              In 4.x & up, control the JDK location using SetJavaHome in the product.conf under the user settings directory.



                              SQL Developer Team