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    Conditional Map in FDM version


      I am on FDM version and need to create a conditional map for the Account dimension. The condition is to check the value of a statistical account in HFM and if it is 1 to map the source account to a target account,. However, if the statistical account value is two, to map to a different target account. The HFM version is also

      Please help to share the sample code and how to in FDM.

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          Francisco Amores

          I would build an event script to run this mapping using a SQL Update Statement.

          You could build a mapping script which gets from HFM a value but that may not be performing well.

          Are you going to check different statistical accounts or always the same for you source Accounts.

          Is this mapping for a large number of source accounts?


          There is no sample code for this solution so you would have to create it.


          I would start thinking about the solution at high level and then find a good way of implementing this. As a I said I would suggest create a solution were:

          - mappings are maintained in the FDM mapping tables

          - the mapping itself is executed in the event script and not in the standard mapping process.


          I don't know you FDM skills but this solution requires some experience and understanding of mapping process.


          I hope that helps.

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            Thanks for the response Francisco.

            We will be using a single Statistical account value in HFM, depending on the value 1 or 2, to map our Sales source account to a specific Sales target account, in FDM, for all entities/FDM locations.

            This mapping,is therefore, only for a few Sales Source account, for all locations.


            I would appreciate any sample code that checks on the value of an account in HFM. With this lead, I will be able to build the Event script.


            Thanks again!

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              Francisco Amores


              Check Rules do exactly what you say, connect to HFM and get a cell value.


              You can find the code your are looking for in the Action Scripts of the HFM Adapter:


              Go to FDM Workbench Client > Expand the adapter > Expand Action > Double Click VALUEGET


              This is a good starting point for your requirement.


              Please mark questions as helpful or correct when you consider so others can see its feedback when having similar issues.



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                Thank you, Francisco.

                I will update you in a few days after trying your sugestion.