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    File type pck in SQL Developer


      I am thinking about switching from PL/SQL Developer to SQL Developer but I run into a problem when all my hundreds of database packages are saved in the .pck format. When I open a .pck file in SQL Developer I can't even compile the file as the "/" sign is unknown in SQL Developer.

      In the .pck format the package spec and the package body are saved in the same file with a "/" as the separator sign between the spec and the body.


      I have seen some old postings regarding this problem on this forum but no solution. Is it still not possible to work with .pck files in an efficient way in SQL Developer?

      (I am using SQL Developer




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          So what you have is a script, where 2 database objects are being created/updated/compiled/whatever.


          Our procedure editor wants one object per file.


          You'll need to split your one script to two files, one with your package spec and one with your package body.


          Your alternative would be to run the code through our worksheet as a script. You'll just have to add a show err to your script if you want to see your compilation errors.

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            Hi Jeff,


            Thanks for your answer.


            Can you make SQL Developer ignore specific signs?. Like for instance "/". It looks as if you can do a lot of personalizations in "Preferences".


            I can always take a database package from the database and save it locally as a .pls file (or .pks/.pkb) but it means extra work when I already have it locally on the .pck format.