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    Can AME Approver Groups with different voting methods exist for one Transaction Type?


      Currently setting up AME for Purchase requisition Approvals. Have several Approval Groups set up for various item categories. Most use Serial voting method and work with Action Type of approval-group chain of authority set to ordering mode = Serial and Voting Method = Serial.


      However, have the need for one approval group to to use parallel processing and First Responder Wins Voting Method.


      Is this possible? I have read several of the documents and community discussions on this topic, but have not found a solution. Changing the approval-group chain of authority to parallel and first responder wins works for the one group but changes the functionality of the others. Can a different Action Type be used for this one approval group??


      Thank you for any feedback (Please no list of documents unless they truely match my scenario.).


      On version R12.1.3