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    How to clone Oracle Application Adapter

      We have installed Oracle Application Adapter for the one instance of oracle apps 11.5.10. We need "Oracle Application Adapter" for another instance also. How do we clone the adapter. How the cloned adapter will recognize a separate spoke system. We are using iSTUDIO as the development kit and the integration hub and the adapater has been installed on the server running on sun solaris.
      Any kind of help is appreciated
      Sourav Biswas
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          I'm not familiar with the Oracle Application Adapter, but for the different adapters we use in our project we would use the following method:

          1. Use the copy functionality in iStudio and copy your "Oracle Application" application to create a new "Oracle Application" application.

          2. Modify the new application to handle the necesary requests.

          3. In the .../interconnect/bin catalog at your server there should be a copyAdapter script. Use copyAdapter oldAdapter newAdapter to create the catalog.
          Make sure to use the same name on your application in iStudio and in the copyAdapter script.

          4. Modify the adapter.ini file on your new adapter to handle different spoke system.

          Regards SubTech