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    Error during Checking Network Configurations Requirements in RHEL3 VM


      I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Image Virtual Machine on my desktop which uses Fedora Linux. I have set this up using VMplayer.

      I need to install Oracle 10g on the RHEL VM.
      As the RHEL VM does not have X Windows, I am connecting to it from the Fedora Linux to do the installation.

      During the Product-specific Prerequisite checks:

      Checking Network Configurations Requirements throws an error,
      Please find it below:

      Actual Result: Unknown Host Exception has Occured :rhel3vm:rhel3vm
      Check complete: The overall result of this check is: Not executed <<<<
      Recommendations: Oracle supports installations on systems with DHCP-assigned public IP addresses. However, the primary network interface on the system should be configured with a static IP address in order for the Oracle software to function properly.

      The Fedora Linux gets the IP address from the DHCP and allocates an IP address to the VM.
      However, when we set both of them as static and the problem still persists, and also when we set the fedora as dynamic and RHEL VM as static, the issue is not resolved.

      Any help will be truely appreciated. Thank you.