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    Can't find JDeveloper-hook handler


      I tried to write an Addin for the SQLDeveloper but every time I try to start it, it gives me this Error


      Error: Cant find handler for javax.ide.extension.ElementName[namespaceURI=http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/1013/extension, localName=jdeveloper-hook]


      I tried to find in the internet the solution for this but I couldn't find (or I was to dump for it to see)


      The code from the extension.xml looks like this:


      <jdeveloper-hook xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/1013/extension">


                <addin headless="true" >knapp.sqlDeveloperMRemodeServerPlugin2.TestAddin</addin>





      And I made sure that I added the oracle.ide as a dependencie


      I hope someone can help me and thx in advance