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    After validate script error


      Hi All,


      Please help me in this


      i have created logical accounts for Assets, liabilities Revenues and Expenses each of them will show there total in tdatasec tables

      Accounts     Depreciation

      1001 1002 - Total Assets

      2001 - 2002 -Total Laibilities

      5001- 5002 - Expenses

      4001-4002 - Revenues




      for Example


      Assets                                              Liabilities


      Account         Amount                        Account             Amount


      1001                100                              2001                   50


      1002                100                              2002                   50


                        -----------                                                --------------


                         200                                                         100


      Expenses                                              Incomes


      Account           Amount                          Account              Amount        


      5001               50                                   4001                    100


      5002               50                                   4002                   100


                         ------------                                                    -----------


                            200                                                          100


      Now we have income of Rs 100 which should  go to  Liabilites , then it will become Assets = Liabilities




      Dim rs


      Dim varValue


      Dim strSQL



      StrSQL= "Select (Select sum(Amount) from dbo.tDataSeg4 Where Desc1='TotalAssets')-(Select sum(Amount) from dbo.tDataSeg4 Where Desc1='TotalLiabilities') As Difference"


      Set rs= DW.DataAccess.farsSnap(strSQL)


      If Not rs.BOF And Not rs.EOF Then


      varValue = CDbl(rs.Fields("Difference").Value)




      End If


      If  CDbl (varValue) <> "0" Then




      RES.PstrActionValue="Error In Trail Balance=" &varValue


      lngProcessType = 2

      blnProcessState = False

      strProcessMsg = "Error In Trial Balance"



      API.MaintenanceMgr.mProcessLog API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation, API.POVMgr.PPOVCategory, API.POVMgr.PPOVPeriod,2,False,"Error In Trial Balance", Now()










      'lngStateExport = 21  


      RES.PstrActionValue="Congrats TrailBalance Matched=" &varValue


      End If




      Set rs = Nothing


      End Sub



      1. how can we send data from revenue accounts to liabilites accounts

      2. Does  this script will work for all my 50 locations ?

      3. Does  this script works for all the periods from Jan to Dec?


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          1. How can we send data from revenue accounts to liabilites accounts?
            Do you just want to send the source revenue accounts to a target liability accounts or do you want to populate a target revenue account and a target liability account with the same source data? In the first instance you simply have to use mappings (no logic accounts required) in the second instance map the original source to one target account and the generated logic account to the second target.


          2. Does  this script will work for all my 50 locations ?

          No, it is highly unlikely that this script will function as you want as it has no dynamic parameterization to filter the data by, for example, current location, current period etc

          3. Does  this script works for all the periods from Jan to Dec?

          No because it has no parameters / filters so it will simply SUM whatever is in the data table tDataSeg4 (hard coding bad) for the logic accounts you have created which could contain entries for multiple periods etc

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            Thanks SH for the immediate reply


            I will try that and let you know


            Can you give any example how we can create Filters for Locations and for Periods





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              Can anyone help me


              How do we create Filters for locations Years  and for Periods


              i want the above script to work for 50 locations  for all Periods from Jan to Dec   and for Years From 2010 to 2020