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    Connection Failed InterConnectRepository


      I have freshly installed OracleAS Interconnect Istudio suite. When ever i open istudio application i get this error - javaw.exe - Entry Point Not found (The procedure entry point completeCreateSysmemSurface could not be located in the dynamic link library DDRAW.dll).

      I aknowledge this message (by pressing OK to this message) and istudio open up. When I try to connect our hub i get this error - Connection Failed InterConnectRepository IOR prefix must be "IOR".

      I can connect to this database using toad.

      Any help on this would be appreciated.

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          Check your reposlog.txt file.

          Any java errors being thrown?

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            We got the same error, using iStudio and 10g AS Release 2 on Linux, with Interconnect, DB & Oracle Applications Adapter.

            During the New Project phase, we got the error
            "IOR Prefix must be IOR:".

            The user ichub exists, we connect to IC repository successfully using this account.
            No firewall at all between client with iStudio and server with Interconnect.

            It's seems a compatibility issue, but is there a newer release of iStudio? We cannot find it.

            Any help will be really useful, we are currently blocked.

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              It should be part of the OTN Application Server 10G R2 downloads


              Look for the "Application Server Integration (". It has the Oracle Integration/iStudio software.

              "Oracle AS Integration InterConnect Development Kit (521MB)" is under the "Oracle Application Server Integration Interconnect" Product. It will "install iStudio (Windows NT/2000 only) and Integration InterConnect Development Kit" [aka Workflow Builder].
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                I downloaded the Linux version for Interconnect 10g Rel 2, but I didn't find anything about iStudio (for Windows, of course) in the cpio files. Any hint???