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    SQL Developer is not listing the LDAP entries of OID



      SQL Developer Version : 4.0.3 (

      Operating System        :  MS Windows


      Problem Description


      Customer upgraded their OID from to New entries created via Oracle Net Manager is showing in ODSM (Oracle Directory Service manager) & via LDAP Search command. However, SQL Developer is not showing aliases in the list of LDAP entries from OID. This problem did not occur in the previous OID with SQL Developer version 3 & 4.


      Note: I have attached few screen shots which demonstrates the problem. Customer can connect using 'Advanced' option for  'Connection Type' & by providing  'Custom JDBC URL'



      1. Is this a known issue or bug or limitation?

      2. Is there a workaround/fix for this problem?

      3. Is OID is supported to be accessed via ODSM or via LDAP commands only? Is SQL Developer certified to access OID Database