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    Validating and approving Invoice


      HI All I created invoice for a PO by a following cycle.

      Requisition-->RFQ-->Quotation-->Blanket PO-->Receipt-->Invoice

      Once the receipt gets generated the invoice program gets automatically executed namely 'ADS  (Pay On Receipt AutoInvoice)' and 'Payables Open Interface Import'. after which invoice gets generated.


      Now when I search for that Invoice in the Invoice workbench window there the status is shown as 'Never Validated'  and the description for that invoice is 'Receipt Invoice automatically created on 13-NOV-14'.

      My questions are

      1. Is it required to validate and approve that Invoice?

      2. If yes then how can i  do it?

      3. If NO then why ?


      I searched on net where it said either from Invoice Workbench select Action and click validate(I am not able to find this option in Invoice workbench window) or to run the 'Invoice Validation'  CP but on running that the prog shows error.I am using R12


      Thanks in advance.