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    Purchase Requisition lines merging into one line on Purchase Order


      We are facing an issue in iProcurement(R12.1.3) Module wherein when a PO is created from a requisition using Autocreate option ,the PR lines having same description but different price and quantity are merging into 1 line in PO .Eg there is a requisition with 3lines ,fist with unit price 1 and qty 12,second with unit price 2 qty 12,third with unit price 3 qty 12. But when the PO is created from it ,it only has 1 line with unit price as 1 and qty as 36 which leads to discrepancies .The total amount should be 1*12+2*12+3*12=72 , but in the PO it is appearing as 1*36=36 which in incorrect.


      Please advise on this.



      I have made the follwoing changes in CRETEPO (Po Create Document) Workflow but it still dint work.


      item_attribute='GROUPING_ALLOWED_FLAG' to 'N' from 'Y"

      item_attribute='GROUP_ONE_ADDR_LINE_FLAG' to 'N' from 'Y'