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    return receiving line with destination type expense to vendor




      working in oracle applications 11i.


      we have a purchase order with three lines that have no item code. While creation the first line match option was set to receipt, the other two were set to purchase order. All three lines destination type were set to expense.


      PO was received in inventory. As the payable user try to match the po to invoice she has the following error:


      APP-SQLAPP-10655 : You cannot match to this document ...


      So I asked the PO buyer to return the receipt to supplier and adjust the match option of the first line.  We have the following issues:


      we do not how to return the line to supplier as its destination type is EXPENSE


      When trying to adjust the PO SHIPMENT LINE MATCH OPTION we have the note:


      You cannot change this field unless the quantity billed, t the amount billed are all zero.



      Kindly provide me with a solution. Steps will be appreciated as i have no access to Oracle support now



      Thanks & Regards,