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    FDM mapping issue


      Hi ,


      We have a mapping table for entity in FDM. we just have one map. All the maps are mapped to one single entity.

      Source Entity        Desc                  Target FM Entity

      -------------------      -------------                ------------------------

      Allentites             All entities             A1


      I got a new mapping request asked me to map different entities to different maps.


      Source Entity        Desc                  Target FM Entity

      -------------------      -------------                ------------------------

      11                                                     A1

      12                                                     A2

      13                                                     A3

      14                                                     A4

      15                                                     A5


      I used to load the all entites to A1. Now i am loading them to A1,A2,A3,A4,A5.  Now the problem in the source file have some Null "source Entity" values. They used to load it to A1 because of the mapping. Since i changed the mapping now those values are not loading in HFM. So i have created the below script to pick up the values and created a mapping    "[none] to A1."


      If strField = "" Then

           BlankEntity = "[None]"


           BlankEntity = strField

      End If


      But for some reason those blank values are still not loading into A1