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    Maximum Errors Allowed






      Coming from a background of using ODI for Source to Essbase integration, I was wondering if FDMEE has a concept of the MAXIMUM_ERRORS_ALLOWED option that we have in the SQL to Essbase IKM.


      In other words, can we tolerate a certain amount of exceptions on load without the whole thing failing?



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          Soumya Banerjee



          I am not very sure about MAXIMUM_ERRORS_ALLOWED in FDMEE, but check whether you can skip the errors during your dataload.



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            With FMDEE when you get to the export to target stage (e.g. loading data into Essbase from the FDMEE schema) loads will usually continue until they have finished and make note of any row rejections and the reasons for them. There's no concept of MAXIMUM_ERRORS_ALLOWED as you get with the Essbase IKMs for custom ODI data integrations. Data loads only tend to fail when some kind of fatal error occurs that completely stops a load from taking place.


            When any issues occur during a data or metadata load then the process details screen will show an exclamation mark to indicate that there were some issues along the way although the step succeeded.