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    During PO workflow fax and email flags are flipped from Y to N


      User creates and approves a standard purchase order, at approval form
      (POXPOEPO) user checks Fax and Email transmission method, reserves, submits for
      approval. Fax and email fail. Check the workflow and find the fax and email
      flags set to N.



      I confirmed that when the user clicks submit and the document is forwarded
      through the hierarchy for approval, the fax and email flags are at Y. When the
      document is at the final approval the flags are flipped. We use an approval
      hierarchy, standard PO Approval workflow, and encumbrance accounting. Documents
      are reserved by the originator at the first approval, subsequent approvers use
      notifications to complete the approval. I have tested using the seeded
      responsibilities and custom with the same results. I've followed the document
      through the workflow process and have confirmed that the flags are set
      correctly during the workflow and that it is at the final approval that flips
      the flags.



      The problem started after appling patches 16880686.B, 15983778.B and 18046156.B
      to Purhasing. I have an SR open with Oracle Support.



      Has anyone ever had this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions for trouble
      shooting and/or resolving?