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    Data Modeler dialogs not showing up after first use




      I can get the Data Modeler import dialog to work once, on a fresh SQL developer (4.3.16) install.


      But once i restart it, no functionality available from File > Data Modeler (like a data dictionary import) is working at all. No wizard is showing anymore,

      CPU spikes at 100%, sql developper becomes unresponsive.


      I get this error in the log :


      Error during handleEvent on action 'Dictionnaire de données' (id=490).

      None of the attached controllers handled the action.

      - oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction$ControllerDelegatingController@2e6b6b53[oracle.ideimpl.controller.ControllersHook$RuleBasedController@2e6b6b53[oracle.dbtools.crest.fcp.DataModelerController][always-enabled]].


      I'm on Windows 7 (64 bits), and runnning the latest oracle jvm (1.8.0_25).