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    No Content Is Loaded When Trying To Use Apex and ORDS




      I am trying to use Apex 4.2 on a XE 11g database on a Windows 7 machine and I am running into an issue.


      I have done the installation and tasks as instructed and had no problem with any of it.


      I want to use ORDS as a standalone option so I just done the following:


      java -jar ords.war


      And went through the configuration options and entered what was required. I set the static resources as D:\apex\images\ (this is where my apex install is) and set the port as 8080 I then ran it in standalone mode again just by going the same command as above and said that:


      INFO: http://localhost:8080/ords/ started.


      Now when I try to connect to this I get a blank page so I thought I would go and look at the html source as I thought it might be that it can't find the static resources but when viewed in firebug the html is:


      <link title="Wrap Long Lines" href="resource://gre-resources/plaintext.css" type="text/css" rel="alternate stylesheet">


      Have I made an error in the configuration as its unable to serve up the content of the page from the database or have I done something else wrong? Would Windows permission have something to do with this or am I just being dumb?