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    File Upload: Multiple sheets


      ORDS 2.0.10

      APEX 4.2.2


      Assuming that this 4.5 year old blog post represents the latest features in ORDS 2.0.10 as far as Excel upload is concerned, some questions after doing some testing


      1. Looks like XLSX files created by MS Excel 2007 are now supported! That's great.


      2. Regardless of the values of apex.excel2collection.onecollection and apex.excel2collection.useSheetName, there doesn't appear to be a way to create multiple collections using the sheet name for the collection name (pre-pended by the file browse item name) and use columns C001 thru C050 for the data. In all my tests, column C001 in the collection always contained the sheet name.


      Given that we are limited to 50 columns, it seems like a waste to "use up" column C001 for the sheet name when the collection name already contains the sheet name (with apex.excel2collection.onecollection=false).


      Am I missing something?



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          Any update on this? A consequence of #2 above is that any existing custom code that expects columns C001..C050 to contain user data would need to be modified to shift over all the columns to compensate for the sheet name in C001. This makes ORDS less than a drop-in replacement for migrating apps from OHS and wishing to make use of the new native XLS upload feature.


          Can someone from Oracle please chime in? Thanks