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    Question RE: Configuring ORDS for RAC

    Joe Upshaw

      During the configuration of the ORDS War file at initial setup, we're prompted for a Host Name and a Database Name. However, if the database containing the APEX installation is on a RAC, what should we supply here?


      I mean, on an 8 node RAC for example, we have 8 hosts for one database. We don't want to simply pick one of them, e.g. Node 1, because that sort of defeats the main reasons to have a RAC in the first place,  fail over.


      Hopefully, the answer isn't obvious but, if so, please let me know.





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          Joe Upshaw

          Not sure that anyone actually monitors this community at all. Almost all of the answers I see here are those where the poster, eventually, finds the answer for himself and posts it...including this one.


          To connect to a RAC, you simply specify the SCAN Listener's "host" name. Although this is a virtual host, ORDS has no problem connecting to it and making use of it.


          If you have older style RAC configurations, i.e. lacking SCAN listeners, then you can use the TNS Alias version:


          Create file with these entries:









          Assuming the file you created was named ords_db_properties.txt, you would load this into ORDS with the following command:


          java -jar ords.war set-properties d:\ords_db_properties.txt