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    Double Prompt for DBMS OUTPUT Connection


      This just started yesterday, not sure why. When I click + to turn on DBMS_OUTPUT for a connection I get two prompts on top of one another. I've moved one in this screen shot so you can see both. I just click cancel on the first and select the connection in the second modal. It's odd, use SQLDev all day for months and this just started happening yesterday, not sure what setting I changed to make it happen. I do tinker with settings quite a bit.



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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          This is a bit strange -- the Select Connection dialog should appear, but the Choose a Connection dialog is unexpected. That dialog is present in the code base, but it is not clear how it is getting triggered, and I cannot even recall what context I might have seen it in, if ever.  All the connections are picked from the Select Connection dialog or the ConnectionSelectorUI's list of values.  Perhaps it is "dead code" that is getting called due to some corruption in the user settings.


          If you are not already on 4.0.3, you might try installing that, then skip the step for migrating user settings.  Otherwise try restarting SQL Developer after renaming the systemN.N.N.NN.NN directory for your current release.




          SQL Developer Team