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    Installation best practices


      (RHEL) Linux

      APEX 4.2.2

      ORDS 2.0.10


      Deploying APEX as a Tomcat webapp involves placing the WAR in the Tomcat webapps folder, configuring it, copying over (or sym linking) the APEX images folder to webapps/i.


      Given that on *nix, JRE, Tomcat and similar "system" software is owned by root or some designated system id while the Oracle software is owned by a different id e.g. oracle or oracleadmin, what are the best practices around installing all these components in terms of who owns what, file permissions and such?


      Keep in mind that APEX may not be the only webapp on Tomcat; we may want to utilize Tomcat to serve up some other resources (static files, JSPs, other webapps, etc).


      Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.