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    Buttons - Styling off


      APEX 4.2.2

      ORDS 2.0.10


      Everything else remaining the same, any idea why images in the APEX Application Builder look bad with ORDS but fine with OHS? Firefox shows both of them just fine, only IE (11) has this issue.


      ORDS  http://screencast.com/t/jYOUiq5d3

      OHS    http://screencast.com/t/dZhesfCh5


      I verified that /i/apex_version.txt shows Application Express Version: 4.2.2 on both but yet the images with ORDS are a little off. No rounded corners, styling is off.


      Did a F5 to refresh the page, started new IE session, didn't help.


      Help? Thanks

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          Tim St. H.

          with IE - this normally means compatibility settings are on.

          I can produce similar results by turning it on.


          --Tim St.

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            Tim - Bear with me here, I am not sure I understand. In IE 11, when I go to Tools/Compatibility View Settings, the list is empty. I added the current site (and also the entire domain) to the list and refreshed the page, restarted IE, but the button styling was still off.


            How did you get this working in IE 11?

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              Tim St. H.

              It is just a thought.  I don't know the specifics of your installation / PC setup.  I was able to turn off the styling by ADDING the site to the list.  If your list is empty (And the check box at the bottom for "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" is OFF) then this might not be the issue.


              Normally it looks fine for me in IE11.  I ran into an issue with the non-compatibility view directive on IE9, but have not had the issue with the Builder page. 


              I have a similar setup that you described... IE11, APEX 4.2.2., ORDS.

              If Compat isn't it.. my next thought would be to challenge assumptions...

              As you have a browser that is working, validate they are getting the same files... that one is not missing.  My assumption is that if one was missing, you would have a bunch of other major problems.


              -- Tim St.

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                Huh, strange, but I just checked again and the buttons look fine, didn't change anything, must have been some CSS caching issue or something. Oh well...