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    OAF LOV control




      On the page the page /oracle/apps/icx/por/req/webui/CheckoutSummaryPG there is a LOV about requester.

      This field could be auto-filled through iProcurement Preferences with a value which don't match with the VO behind the LOV.

      In this case, when I leave the page (clic on the "next" button), there is an error message : "Select a valid value".


      I modified the VO in order to add some filters. The LOV works fine (I can't select value which don't match with my new VO) but if the auto-filled value matches with the standard VO and don't matches with my new filters, I don't have the error message.


      How can I add my filters to this control ?


      FYI : I'm on OEBS 11.5.10