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    Java Plug-In takes long time to load in browser



      we encountered a strange behaviour of Java applets on our customer's computers.

      When any applet is opened in browser (IE11, FF34) there is approx. 1 minute delay added to the applet start time (loading of the applet hangs for 1 minute).

      This happens only first time loading any applet, when we retry the delay is gone.



      OS: Windows 7 x64,

      JRE: 7u51 32b., 8u25

      browser: IE11 and FF34


      Internet vs. intranet does not matter, thus I don't think it is network related.

      I'm thinking about the JVM being started in browser, encountering some problems, takes time (propably some timeout?), then works normally.


      I tried to catch JVM logs in console but in IE only empty window appeared (image below), then after 1min delay it did continue like nothing happened.



      Customer needs this issue solved and I ran out of ideas. Can anyone please point me what to try or check?

      Thank you.