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        I am trying to connect to the Database server from Vista client using code written in VB 6.0, The oracle client installed in Vista is 10.2g

        I am using the below code to connect to the oracle database. I tried increasing the INBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT parameter in the SQLNet.ora file, but didn't work.

        Set gvobjOraSession = CreateObject(gvOraSession)
        Set gvobjOraDatabase = gvobjOraSession.OpenDatabase(gvOraDBName, gvOraDefaultUser & "/" & gvOraDefaultPassword, vOraMode)

        Thanks for the help in advance
        • 16. Re: ERROR ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred
          Hi I am replying for my earlier post here, I was facing the problem of TNS:Connect timeout occurred when I was using Windows server 2003 as a DB server for Oracle 9i and Windows XP as a client contains the development tools installed.

          I fix this by adding oracle.exe in the exception list of the firewall and it's wok also when I just disable the firewall.

          so my problem was in the firewall of the server, hope this will help you out.


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            I know the original user already solved this years ago, but I was still tearing my hair out when I got to the end of this thread, so I figured I'd share my solution.

            For me I was using Windows. It was useful to know about the sqlnet.log, and also useful to know about tnsping, but still I couldn't connect, even though tnsping said "OK". But one hint in the sqlnet.log was an error that said log directory couldn't be created.

            The problem wasn't a missing directory, but rather the problem for me was that I installed multiple Oracle products and sqlplus exists in multiple places. The one with a shortcut from the Start menu works for me to log in, but when I wanted to use sqlplus on the command line, it couldn't log in -- timeout. Presumably it was looking at the wrong ORACLE_HOME, but no environment variables are set anywhere. I guess it was just finding it's home from the path.

            Anyway, when I copied the SQLPlus path from the program files shortcut, and ran it on the command line, then I could log in! In my case it was C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1\BIN\sqlplus.exe

            (I wanted to run sqlplus on the command line in the first place so I could follow step by step installation instructions that required calling a set of SQL scripts from that directory with the @ sign... The script includes other scripts in that directory as well...)

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              Hi all,

              I was tring to connect to Oracle from SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and had this error ERROR ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred.

              This is what fixed my problem. I located my tansnames.ora file and made the change as highlighted below:

              MyDatabaseAlias =
              (DESCRIPTION =
              (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = myserver.mycompany.com)(PORT = 1531))
              (CONNECT_DATA =
              (SERVER = DEDICATED)
              *(SERVICE_NAME = MyServiceName.mycompany.com)*

              In nutshell, I fully qualified the SERVICE_NAME from

              (SERVICE_NAME = MyServiceName) to *(SERVICE_NAME = MyServiceName.mycompany.com)*

              Hope that helps,
              Gurpreet Singh
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