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    drop ship line did not split, the material have partial receipts, can the PR and PO be canceled?




      I need some help with this issue. We have a drop ship line that have 270 cartons in status awaiting receipt, but in the inventory already received 624 cartons.  The line of that sales order needs to be closed now, to invoice the customer. But the PR and PO looks like OPEN.


      I tried to manually split the line in the sales order. To have two lines; one with the 624 already received, and other one for the 96 cartons left. But an error message shows when i do this.

      The error its :  You are not allowed to split Order Line because:Line is released to purchasing

      I found in the ORDER ORGANIZER when i chek the Sales Order, the ORDER SOURSE LINE REFERENCE the last line (which suppose to be splitted with the reception of the material) have a number lower than the line before it.


      example: line 2.5 have OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL27231981  and line 2.4 OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL27232315

      Can somebody help me with this?

      i also found a bug in meta link but i think something can be done. bug 2281449.

      Thank you,

      Paloma Cadena