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    Conflicting Keyboard Shortcuts in 4.1 EA for To Upper/Lower/InitCap and Navigate Down


      I'm using a new install of 4.1 EA, no converted settings, no settings changed.

      I use the CTRL-' shortcut for To Upper/Lower/InitCap all the time. That keyboard shortcut no longer works by default. It's still on the right click menu that it should be the default keyboard shortcut for that command but doesn't work. Now it triggers a Navigate Down action that is throwing the following error in the log.


      SEVERE342360oracle.ide.controller.IdeActionError during handleEvent on action 'Navigate Down' (id=135). None of the attached controllers handled the action..


      I was able to delete that shortcut and reassign CTRL-' to To Upper/Lower/InitCap to restore the default behavior.