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    Is it a possibility to do Test Driven Development using SQL developer ?


      Hi There,


      We are currently leveraging SQL Developer (version : with JDK 1.7.0_45) for creating, implementing Unit Test cases for our PL/SQL code. However, I see lot of limitations with this tool compared to Quest Code Tester. Can you please help me with the following ?


      1. Is Test Driven Development a possibility with SQL Developer ? If not currently, is there any plan for this in future ?

      2. While creating the test case, we have to choose the Package Procedure/ Functions. We have huge number of Packages and it takes almost 3-5 mins to load the packages in the schema for us to pick them up and create the Test Case. Can you enable Filter feature on this ?

      3. The same goes with the Test Case list under one Test Case repository. How can we filter the Test Cases that we want to see ?

      4. Is there a possibility to run a procedure or function with Complex (user defined) data types ?


      Thanks for all the help!!.