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    JDE DAD Driver necessity


      Hello all,



      I am eager to know whether JDE DAD drivers are really required to connect FMDEE(ODI) to JDE system having Oracle as a relational database, If we can connect from FDMEE to JDE using "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver" i.e. Type 4 driver then why is DAD driver being at all used Is there any specific requirement fulfilled by the JDE DAD Driver which Oracle JDBC Driver does not?


      And, I am able to reverse engineer using RKM Oracle on Metadata then will it cause any issue if I continue doing so (Please let me know any shortcomings of connecting using Oracle JDBC Driver for Reverse Engineering)


      let me know if I am missing any important concept here, as I may continue using Oracle JDBC Driver for the connection in future and I’ve already spent lot of time trying to connect using the DAD Drivers to no success..





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          I think the JDE adapter is to make FDM talk and understand the source. Open adapter will still be able to talk and bring you the detail waht you need but may be at a table level.


          One other thing what I think of is the drill-through functionality where you can drill directly to the source level to see the transactions in JDE if you use the JDE adaptor which might not be possible with JDBC driver (open adaptor)


          I am not an expert in FDMEE but this could be the reason. I will leave it to experts and correct me if I am wrong


          As a best practice and recommendation, it is always advised to use the respective source adapters for that specific source systems and use open interface for those tsource systems where you don't have any adapters provided within FDMEE




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            Francisco Amores


            the pre-packaged adapter for JDE Integration is using the DAD driver "com.jdedwards.jdbc.driver.JDBCDriver"

            This is the way JDE controls which servers (FDMEE in our case) can connect and extracts data.

            To me, if you use standard jdbc driver all the security is down at DB level which I'm sure JDE administrator would not be happy with.

            It's similar to SAP integration which could be done at DB level but it's done thru the app layer using ABAP.


            Which issues are you having to configure DAD and connect to JDE?

            Did you follow document Support document 1588144.1?

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              Hi Francisco Amores,


              I was waiting for your reply thanks.

              Yes i followed document support document 1588144.1 and if you will see in erpi admin guide for there we have same steps but in document we have only 9 step and i followed both still i am having issue with drivers and yeah I am using DAD drivers


              The issue what I am getting is


              java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not load JDBC driver class [com.jdedwards.jdbc.driver.JDBCDriver]

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                Francisco Amores

                That is telling the driver is not correctly installed.

                Probably related to your issue with updateODIEAR.bat

                Where did you place the drivers?

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                  Hello Francisco,


                  I placed the DAD drivers in odi misc directory C:\Oracle\Middleware\odi\odi_misc as guide said.


                  Thanks Regards,


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                    Francisco Amores

                    Are you playing with JDE DEMO?

                    I say that because in order to connect FDMEE to that demo environment you will need to hack this.

                    I spent couple of days to make it working.

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                      Hello Francisco Amores,


                      Yes I am playing with JDE DEMO.

                      Would you please suggest how to hack this??
                      Yeah francisco you have done a Gr8 job please let me know I am in a need of it.


                      I have one more question that is in JDE DEMO environment mine is 9.1 and i am using DAD drivers so would i need a server manager to use DAD drivers whay i am asking  this because i have server manager for which i got it from e-delivery.