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    How do you expose PL/SQL Webpages via REST Data Services?

    David Pulliam

      I am in a bit of a pickle.  I have a 3rd party vendor which wants to send data back us.  They do it via a standard http form post to a webservice (actually with normal html form inputs) that we have to implement.  I have this done in the form of a PL/SQL package.  Now the hard part.....before we decommissioned our Oracle HTTP server and went to using REST Data Services, we could just reference the schema and procedure name via the DAD.  We no longer have a web tier environment at our disposal, just Weblogic Servers and REST Data Services plus the database running APEX.  Is there any way that I can build/publish an end point that can receive normal post transactions (they do not and will not communicate with us using SOAP, REST, or XML).  What I am basically needing is to get my PL/SQL out there where it can work as an old fashion form processor taking the POST/GET parameters and then processing them.  Is there any way to do this with REST Data Services or APEX?