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    PO Update API po_change_api1_s.update_po


      I used get exception :

      Promised date change is not allowed at line level.

      Need-by date change is not allowed at line level.


      when i tried to update existing PO using API po_change_api1_s.update_po:


      In this case you have Pass Shipment number as mandatory.Hence issue resolved.


      I was using PO update API po_change_api1_s.update_po ,faced couple of challenges.

      1.I was passing null to shipment number hence unable to update promise_date,need_by_date,hence shipment number is required when u want to update dates.

      2.Was passing Launch approval flag as Y ,hence PO setup used to fire approval workflow for an approved PO.however requirement was not to change authorization status.

      Then i changed tolerances(Purchasing user setup ->tolerance and routing) to max limit and re-ran.API did not hit approval workflow and status remained in approved.