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    rest services with ords like xmldb-listener


      what works for rest services (embedded xmldb-listener):


      - oradb servlet with views with xml-column and specifying

      predicates in the url


      - dbms_epg path-alias-procedure

      (full control over url parsing and content sent back )


      both are reasonable fast and  stable and allow authentication

      and are useful for inhouse applications



      - 2 tier architecture

      - https only with advanced security option

      - post method only with 32k messages

      (in my tests 4k with 11g )


      would it be possible to have such functionality with ords-rest-services

      in a 3 tier architecture ?


      In apex-rest services I could create a procedure and control the

      context sent back, I don't know if this is still possible with

      ords without apex


      Thank you very much.