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    Error while starting discoverer 10g


      Dear All,


      Currently we are facing issue while starting the WLS_DISCO discoverer service through node manager as:


      java.io.IOException: Server failed to start up. See server output log for more details.

      at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerManager.start(ServerManager.java:331)

      at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleStart(Handler.java:541)

      at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleCommand(Handler.java:118)

      at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.run(Handler.java:70)

      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)


      Kindly suggest us ASAP to resolve the issue because it is an PROD server.




      Thanks & Regards,