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    Port changing on connect, resulting in Vendor code 17002


      I can connect to a remote DB over VPN using sqlplus.


      But I cannot connect to that same DB using SQLDeveloper. The error is:


      IO Error - The Network Adapter could not establish the connection. Vendor code 17002


      After trying numerous things, I decided to look at `nettop` to what in the world was going on. What I see is this:


      1. A connection to the correct IP and port pops up.
      2. That connection almost immediately disappears and is replaced by...
      3. ... another connection with the correct IP, but the wrong port.
      4. I tried this many times and saw that the wrong port seems to cycle between 4 different (random?) port numbers.


      Interestingly, I can connect via SQLDeveloper to other DBs on the VPN, just not this one in particular. Our VPN software updated recently so I am wondering if that is the cause, though I'm not sure why sqlplus would continue to function if the VPN was misbehaving. Another co-worker is having the same issue.


      I am using SQLDeveloper on OS X 10.10.1 - the DB in question is running Oracle 10g