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    How to handle Packing, Frieght etc., additional charges on PO as separate lines - not looking for LCM

    Anil Aadimulam-Oracle



      Following is Business requirement given by client



      1.Create Item ( say item code : PACKING CHARGES ) as Purchasable only ( non-stockable )

      2.Invoice Match Option in Purchasing Tab of Item is : Receipt Required : No , Inspection Required : No

      3.Receipt Close Tolerance is : 100% in Item setup > Purchasing Tab ( Client don't want this line to appear in Receipt Screen )

      4.PO Created with two lines one is Inventory Item and second line is PACKING CHARGES

      5.As soon as PO is approved Second line got closed for Receiving , First line is the only line visible in Receipt Screen

      6.Receipt and Delivery is completed for Inventory item

      7.Invoice is entered > Matched > Validated > generate accounting entries is also successfully completed

      8.PO is still with Closure Status : Open at header level

      9.Inventory Item Closed Status is Closed , PACKING CHARGES line is still with status Ope


      Expectation is the PO Closure Status should go to Closed , since we have completed Invoice matching and account generation and there is nothing pending to be done.


      Please help.


      If you have any Test case document or document explaining similar case with accounting entries, this will be a great help.