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    what did it means that 'installation of sqldev' ...????


      rp0428, SQL Developer

      what did it means that " installation of sqldev" ...????


      As i guess, its a standalone package which consists of some binaries required for its execution, and when first time execute the sqldev exe file you asked to locate the jdk path.


      and i am a bit confused about the directory structure of the package as it contains the


      sqldeveloper- (extracted folder from downloaded zip file)

                                         |---------------------sqldeveloper (folder)


                                                                       |---------------------sqldeveloper (folder)

                                                                                                          |------------------bin (folder)



      now i am a bit confused about that-

      which file i have to execute, is there any specific file for the particular machine type (x64 & x86) ??

      and where to put this package ??

      (is there any specific path where it should be placed)


      If it is possible please simplify the steps.


      Thanks & Regards,