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    Please share a document to setup Oracle iSupplier external responsibilities.


      Looking for setups for setting up external responsibilities.

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          Hi Please find attached a document steps on how to make a responsibility external.



          Oracle iSupplier – External Responsibility Setup


          Oracle iSupplier – External Responsibility Setup: The Oracle responsibility that is accessible by the supplier contact is actually an “External” responsibility. It is same as other Oracle responsibilities but you need to perform few setups to make the responsibility accessible to external users (i.e. supplier contact). This document is applicable only when you are creating a custom iSupplier responsibility for supplier contacts registered in iSupplier.

          Step-1: Responsibility Setup:

          Once you create a custom responsibility for registered supplier contacts to access iSupplier functionality, make sure to perform following setup in the Responsibility setup window (Navigation: Security -> Responsibility -> Define in the System Administrator responsibility).

          Click on the “Securing Attributes” tab and add the following attributes.

          ICX_SUPPLIER_CONTACT_ID – Application “iSupplier Portal”.
          ICX_SUPPLIER_ORG_ID – Application “iSupplier Portal”.
          ICX_SUPPLIER_SITE_ID – Application “iSupplier Portal”.

          Once you save the above records, click on the “Values” button for ICX_SUPPLIER_CONTACT_ID and ICX_SUPPLIER_SITE_ID securing attributes and enter the value “-9999” (without the inverted commas) for both the attributes separately. Without this value setup iSupplier users will not be able to see their orders, shipments etc. though they will be able to login to the application.

          Step-2: Profile Option Setup:

          Following profile options need to be setup at the responsibility level to establish the custom iSupplier responsibility created in the step-1 as an “External” responsibility.

          POS: External Responsibility Flag - Yes
          Responsibility Trust Level - External

          Now you may assign the custom iSupplier responsibility to the iSupplier users.